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Online scams and fraud cost Aussies over $90 million in one year

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) fifth annual report into scam activity, Australians lost over $90 million to fraud in 2013. The report, […]

Warning! Fraud on the Rise. Stay Scam Safe With These 5 Easy Steps

Warning! Fraud on the Rise. Stay Scam Safe With These 5 Easy Steps     The stats are in and fraud is definitely on the rise. […]

Online Shopping Scams Hit Christmas Fever Pitch

Christmas is just days away but consumers heading online for their last minute shopping should be aware of the increase in e-retail scams during the holiday […]

The Elderly Increasingly at Risk of Identity Theft

You’ve worked your whole life to gather financial security. What would you do if it was stolen from you? Identity theft and financial fraud are increasingly […]

How to protect yourself from a credit card fraud

All it takes is a click and it’s yours. Clothes, groceries, cars, spas and more. Just about everything can be browsed then bought online with a […]

Through Private Eyes: Why the elderly are vulnerable online scams

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the rapid pace of changing technology. Just about every year a new Iphone or tablet gets released that not only […]

Through Private Eyes: How to protect yourself from online dating scams

It seems just about everyone you talk to these days is using some form of Internet dating. Where once we would have met potential dates in […]