Cheating Partners Investigations

Cheating Partners Investigations

Over 35 years experience in: Cheating Partners Investigations, Infidelity, Divorce, Child Custody, Property Settlements, Hidden Assets, Location of Stolen Children, Detection of Stalking, Proof of Income for Child Support, Surveillance.

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Cheating Partners Investigations

  • Unfaithful partners

  • Infidelity

  • Uncover hidden assets

  • Proof of income for child support

  • Discover the location of stolen children

  • Get evidence of stalking

Suspect your spouse of being unfaithful? Our Private Detectives get you the evidence of Infidelity.

We specialise in gathering evidence for cases such as: Cheating Partners Investigations, divorce, child custody, property settlements, hidden assets, the location of stolen children, detection of stalking, proof of income for child support. These are just some of the areas where Lyonswood Private Investigators and the professional team of investigators in Cheating Partners Investigations can assist and can provide you with peace of mind and a strategic advantage. You may only get one chance to gather evidence – With Over 35 years experience, Lyonswood Private Investigations & Forensic Group can assist you in planning a strategy that has the best possible chance at success. We want you to be a winner so that you can care for your future, your children’s future, and your rightful share of the assets of the marriage/partnership. Your privacy is paramount for us so we offer a 100% confidential service at all times.

The days of the old Divorce Act and the Matrimonial Causes Act have long gone, however, with the abandonment of these two Acts, the need for investigative services in the cheating partner field has actually increased instead of decreasing over the years. Under the old Acts, it was necessary for a spouse seeking divorce to prove they had a cheating partner, abuse, etc, on the part of the other – these Cheating Partner Investigations sometimes brought about a perception that the investigation industry was sleazy. Now, with greater equality in divorce/Family Law Court matters, the need for evidence to be gathered and presented in an admissible form in all of the above areas is vital to the preparation and winning of your cheating partner case.

Evidence of a cheating partner was required under those old Acts and our industry was the only body able to provide this evidence. These days, it is no longer a requirement under the Family Law Act to prove that you have a cheating partner to gain a divorce. However, many other issues become important to those embroiled in cheating partner matters: it could be that peace of mind is needed in relation to whether you have a cheating partner or otherwise, proof of guilt for family and religious reasons or just so you can make informed decisions to and demonstrate proof of infidelity to these other persons in order to enable you to move on in your personal and religious life.

Planning a strategy in a Cheating Partners Investigation is the single most important aspect of one of these investigations – at Lyonswood we do this before undertaking any new case. We first understand your particular circumstances and desired outcomes, then, with your assistance, set about gathering early intelligence about your partner. We then formulate a strategic plan that has the best chance of success through targeting key elements of your partner’s life and organise the best possible time and place to execute that plan. Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Costs in Cheating Partners Investigations are quite often much less than our clients expect. In fact, it costs less per hour to have a cheating partner investigation undertaken than it does to have your carpets cleaned or your car repaired. We are happy to prepare a strategy and budget for you to consider at no charge – contact Lyonswood today to find out more.

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