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When you need proof beyond doubt, you can rely on Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics Group, a professional, skilled and government-licensed private investigation company with over thirty continuous years’ experience. We will carefully and considerately manage your case because we understand that your needs are unique, your objectives are important and, more than likely, we have previously assisted someone with a problem similar to yours. It is vital that an investigation is tailored to suit your circumstances so you should ensure you choose an investigator who communicates with you effectively and understands your goals clearly. Through this communication and planning with Lyonswood, you can be guaranteed absolute discretion and the best possible result for you.

We will not be beaten on quality of service or on presentation of evidence. We will communicate with you to ensure your matter is carefully planned and properly executed. We have a commitment to assisting people and businesses in order to get the outcome they seek at a fair price; the testimonials from previous clients listed on our site attest to our emphasis on excellent customer service. Whether you need proof for court or for your own peace of mind then you need the services of Lyonswood’s experienced team.

How We Can Help You

While you may initially be anxious about contacting a private investigator because you have never taken that step before, you can be assured that no problem is too small or too unique for us to discuss. All our team members have a broad range of skills and every day we assist individuals, parents, corporations, councils, law firms, insurance companies and others. It costs nothing to contact us to discuss your matter and have us respond with total confidentiality.

All Lyonswood staff members strive for excellence and we appreciate our clients’ trust. We have worked hard for our excellent reputation and we encourage you to view a list of former companies, law firms and councils who have engaged our services and are proud to be associated with the Lyonswood brand. Though we list large multinationals and top law firms as some of our clients, a large part of the work we do is for individuals, helping them through the day-to-day problems that might arise in their personal, social or business lives.

Meet Our Team

All of Lyonswood’s private investigators are government-licensed and competency-accredited. We have operatives in every state and territory in Australia and colleagues in almost every country around the globe. Our credibility and reputation are second to none in the industry.

Lyonswood was founded by Warren Mallard, a former president of the Association of Commercial and Private Inquiry Agents (ACPIA), National Association of Investigators (NAI) and The Institute of Mercantile Agents (IMA) who also served as the Area Governor for The World Association of Detectives (WAD) and World Investigators Network (WIN).

Lachlan Jarvis, Lyonswood’s director, worked under the tutelage of Warren for several years until taking over the reins in 2013. Lachlan seeks to continue the work done by Warren and to continue to develop the firm’s abilities in the technology sphere. Please peruse the many media appearances made by our directors, past and present.

We look forward to helping you solve your problem in a timely and reliable manner and ensuring your private investigation experience is a positive one.

Private Investigation Services

Most private investigators or private detectives gain their experience solely investigating insurance matters and remain with that private investigator skill set for the entire duration of their time in the investigation industry, however, this is not the case with private investigators who work for Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group. With over thirty years’ investivation experience, Lyonswood’s private investigators all have broad-based private investigator competencies gained from both the private and public (policing/law enforcment) sectors.

Sometimes the word private detective is used instead of private investigator. Some private investigators are ex-police detectives and some private investigators within the industry call themselves private detectives. Regardless of what a private investigator or private detective calls him or herself, you need to ensure your private investigator does not only have experience in insurance matters or in the police but has experience helping people in the private sector with their unique personal and litigation needs.

Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group is one of the only private investigation/private investigator companies that can honestly claim broad based private investigator expertise and back it up through its numerous well-documented private investigator case histories, television appearances, T.V. documentaries, well-selected private investigation team members and website and Google Review testimonials.

Testimonials are very important when selecting a private investigator. In the private investigation industry they are hard-earned and seldom provided because clients generally want to maintain their privacy and not have their private business published for others to see. However, at Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics Group we have a bevy of testimonials from satisfied clients, giving you even more reason to choose Lyonswood as your preferred private investigation/private investigator company – there are thousands more satisfied clients who did not provide testimonials for the reasons stated earlier.

By simply searching the private investigators company name Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group on Google, you will easily find the evidence of our competency, credibility, public recognition and standing. You can trust Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group to use your resources wisely and to protect your confidentiality.

At Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group we hold our clients needs paramount and strive with determination and strategic planning to achieve those private investigation needs. Our aim is to maintain our number one position within the private investigator/private detective industry through reliability, innovation, determination, lawful gathering of evidence and honesty in reporting. Lyonswood does this by selecting only the best private investigators and striving to achieve our clients preferred private investigation outcomes, on budget and on time.