Digital Forensics

Need digital forensics evidence for court or for peace of mind? Examine a computer, mobile phone or website and get the proof you need from an expert.

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Computer Forensics

  • Spyware and hacking detection

  • Online crime and harassment investigations

  • Hard drive analysis in workplace, domestic and other matters

  • Audio and video analysis

  • Trace online activity to its source with IP identification

  • Dating site scams

  • Mobile phone forensics

What is Digital Forensics?

Whether you need computer, mobile phone or online evidence for a court matter or simply for your peace of mind, Lyonswood’s Digital Forensics technicians are accredited experts and can help you today. We assist individuals, companies, law firms and government departments when digital evidence of any kind is required for just about any purpose. The internet and modern communication networks are still in a state of rapid development so police and lawyers rarely have the expertise or knowledge needed to solve digital problems in an efficient and time-effective manner. A computer forensic expert is the only person who is truly qualified to examine a hard drive, mobile phone or website and prepare a report on the relevant data in a court-admissible format. Even if your matter is not necessarily headed for court, you may choose to have the evidence gathered by a person best suited to uncover the truth.

There are many different circumstances in which a digital investigation might be requested and it’s impossible to catalogue them all but some of the most common examples follow here. You may need proof for a criminal matter, a civil matter or you may want to see if your suspicions about a partner’s infidelity are correct. A computer, phone or online investigation could be necessary to gather evidence of employee misconduct, anonymous defamation or threats or harassment from an unknown email account. Your computer may have been infected with spyware or malware or your business network may have been penetrated by hackers. You may have experienced fraud at the hands of an online classified vendor or auction-site seller or perhaps a dating site scammer has duped you. Digital technology provides considerable advantages but most individuals and business operators do not understand the numerous risks posed until they are exposed firsthand.

Why choose Lyonswood Investigations for your Digital Forensics investigation?

Many digital investigations require expertise beyond just that of the computer forensic expert so it is important you engage a broad-based investigation firm such as Lyonswood who can assist with all aspects of your inquiry. Evidence gathered by Lyonswood in a forensic matter was used for a successful Supreme Court action in 2013 where our client was awarded damages and costs on an indemnity basis. In this matter, surveillance and traditional investigative techniques helped ensure our client was successful.. You may not need to go to the Supreme Court to get the outcome required but you should be comforted in the knowledge that our expert’s evidence is of such a standard that it will bear scrutiny if challenged.

Vulnerability on the internet

The internet is a useful tool for communication, research and leisure – however, it still poses risks to the unwary, with harassment, threats, defamation, identity theft, hacking, scams, fraud and breaches of intellectual property being commonplace these days. If you are a victim of some kind of internet crime you may need to identify the offender via his or her IP address or email address. You may alternatively need to conduct a due diligence investigation in regards to someone you met online or you or your company may need to track the source of a hacking attack. There are many circumstances in which an online investigation is a necessary or prudent step. Whatever your concern, at Lyonswood, our computer forensic experts have experience investigating a range of problems that are encountered by indiviudals and companies online.

Often victims of malicious online behaviour will go to the police or to a solicitor first, only to discover that there is little support available to them. While you are under an obligation to report serious crimes to the police, because the police force does not have the resources to help most victims of online crime, there is usually little they can so. Lawyers meanwhile are not experts at gathering evidence, only in presenting it. A specialised digital investigation team is what you will usually need to solve an online problem. Lyonswood has provided computer forensic services for around 10 years. We also have a relationship with a commercial law firm with experience in online matters to assist you through the process if a lawyer is needed in your case.

If your problem is one that can be addressed through an investigation, we will seek to provide you with an outline of the steps involved in the investigation and an estimate of the costs likely to be incurred. Whether your problem is a personal one or a serious corporate matter, the team at Lyonswood is ready and able to help. Contact us now to discuss the circumstances surrounding your concern.

Here is a list of our most popular Computer Forensics services:

Computer Forensic Services

“Traditional” Computer Forensics involves the examination of a hard drive in a manner that ensures evidence is not compromised. The first step in this process is to copy the drive so there can be no argument later on that the examiner disturbed the data on the subject drive in the course of the analysis. After the copying is conducted, analysis is carried out on the copied drive. Computer forensics is usually necessary in cases of employee misconduct, domestic disputes, data breaches and cybercrime. Read more here.

Mobile Phone Investigation

As the capabilities of smartphones and tablets grow ever more impressive, people use these devices for increasingly important tasks. Mobile devices now store very sensitive data about the user and it is crucial that they are kept safe. Unfortunately, there is a now a proliferation of spyware targeting mobile devices. If you require an extraction of data on a phone, to prove definitively whether there is spyware operating on the phone or to obtain evidence from the phone in an objective format, ensure you use a computer forensics expert with the latest technology. Read more here.

Spyware & Hacking Detection

Unless you have taken effective precautions, your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or digital device can today be infected with spyware or malware relatively easily. Unfortunately, the risk of hacking has never been as high as it is now and it is only likely to increase in future. Some spyware issues can be catastrophic and lead to identity fraud, theft of money and significant damage to a person’s reputation or a business’s intellectual property. A forensic investigator is your best defence. Read more here.

Audio/Video Analysis

Our expert audio / video forensic technicians have the expertise, equipment and qualifications to assist in analysis of video and audio files for court or for other purposes. If you wish to determine whether video or audio has been edited or if you want to enhance a recording then a forensic expert is the person best suited to this work. Read more here.

IP Identification

Online defamation, threats, hacking and cyberbullying are commonplace in the digital age and if you wish to put a stop to an online troll, it may be necessary to identify him or her. Lyonswood is an industry leader in this area with a successful record at the Supreme Court level. Read more here.

Online Harassment Investigations

Harassment, stalking, bullying, blackmail and defamation are all old problems that have taken on a new dimension online. Dealing with these issues may involve taking steps to minimise certain risks and / or identifying the culprit. You may need not just a forensic computer investigator to solve such a problem but also a private investigator and possibly a lawyer. Contact the experts at Lyonswood who can assist with each element of your case. Read more here.

Dating Site Scams

It is not uncommon for criminals to trawl dating sites ready to prey on vulnerable people seeking love. Some victims even end up losing their life savings. Whether you wish to conduct a background check on your potential partner, seek to recover funds lost or check your computer for spyware, an online investigation team is your best option. Read more here.