Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening

Our private investigators tackle both pre-employment screening and background checks.

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Have you done a Pre-Employment Screening or background check on your next employee?


The business of employment is costly. It can be even more costly if a wrong decision is made during the recruitment process. Quite often a hiring manager will view the information provided in resumes as being accurate, will not investigate the contents and will have no screening process in place. It has been the experience of Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group that many resumes are designed to conceal the truth. The management of Lyonswood has never been presented with a reference that states that the applicant is a thief, malingerer or incompetent. On the contrary, they are usually glowing and embellished. Quite often there are gaps in the employment history that are unexplained or exaggerations of periods of employment to mislead. Without an employment screening process, it’s easy to miss these signs entirely.

A normal employment screening process – how are resumes falsified?

Job applicants go to great lengths to impress, even to the point of identifying companies that have been recently liquidated or taken over in the hope that personnel files have been destroyed. This would enable a job applicant to hide behind a host of false credentials, knowing well that this history will not be able to be accessed for confirmation during the hiring process. The I.T. industry is rife with false credentials, this is because since the I.T. boom/bust many companies have folded and along with them, their records. This kind of deception can only be uncovered with healthy employment pre-screening practices.

Overseas postings are another medium through which job applicants can embellish their work history with a reduced risk of being detected. As members of the World Association Of Detectives (WAD) and the World Investigators Network (WIN) Lyonswood is well placed to source and verify this previous employment information when we conduct pre-employment screening.

Many employers are guilty of not taking affirmative action when uncovering illegal activities by employees in the workplace. This inaction allows employees to move from one employer to another making victims out of them all. Pre-employment screening processes can identify these patterns and keep you from being the latest in a long line of victims.

A pre-employment background check mitigates risk to you and your business

Criminal record checking as part of a pre-employment check can be an invaluable risk assessment tool. One of the biggest risks of hiring someone trying to conceal a criminal past is that they may pose a danger to other employees. If someone has been convicted of a violent crime, there is a good chance that they could lash out at their coworkers.

Ultimately, criminal records checks as part of a thorough pre-employment background check are just one tool that employers can use to try to assess the risk posed by an applicant.

Lyonswood is experienced in running national police checks on candidates to see if they are attempting to conceal anything. We understand that sometimes people may have a criminal record that they are unaware of, or that they believe is not relevant to the position they are applying for. However, we also know that a national police check is an important part of the employee screening process for many employers. As such, we take our responsibility to provide accurate and up-to-date information very seriously.

Ensure nothing gets through your employee screening process

A pre-employment screening is vital for any organisation looking to hire the best candidates. By conducting a thorough background check, organisations can ensure that they are making informed decisions about who to bring on board. Although some employers choose to conduct these screenings themselves, others opt to engage the services of a private investigation firm. There are several advantages to hiring a private investigation firm for your pre-employment assessments, including the ability to access a wider range of information and the expertise of experienced professionals. Lyonswood specialises in pre-employment assessments and are able to offer a more comprehensive service than most employers could hope to provide on their own. As a result, engaging a private investigation firm is often the best way to ensure that pre-employment screenings are conducted properly and that the right candidates are identified for the job.

How can a Lyonswood pre-employment check help you avoid strife?

Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Groups investigators are skilled in the business of Pre-Employment Screening and background checks and can provide this service either at the time of employment or down the track when problems arise. We can also follow through on pre-employment screening checks where criminal or improper activity is detected and provide you with the security of knowing that you will not be exposed to unfair dismissal ramifications or retaliatory prosecution.

Failing to do a Pre-Employment Screening of potential candidates could cost you thousands in the case of a lawsuit. You can find out how much a private investigator will cost to do a background check by clicking on the link.

Lyonswood – our other services

Lyonswood is a full-service private investigation firm, offering a wide range of services to individuals, businesses, and organisations. In addition to traditional investigative services and pre-employment screening services, we also offer background asset checks, surveillance, and handwriting analysis. We are committed to providing our clients with the information they need to make informed decisions, and our Private investigator Sydney team as well as teams all over the country work tirelessly to find the answers you are looking for. Whether you are looking for peace of mind or answers to a pressing question, we are here to help.