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If you want to know everything about a person or just uncover one important piece of information, run a Background Check.  We’re here to help.

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Background and Asset Check

  • Learn about a person’s associates, wealth, identity, partners, business interests, criminality and more

  • Check a potential personal or business partner, employee or litigant

  • Due diligence business investigations

  • Dating site investigation, catfish check

  • Litigation

  • Intimate online relationships

  • Business partnership

  • Background of a family member’s new partner

  • Landlords who want to know about potential tenants

  • Employers want to know about potential employees

  • And more……

Private and business background checks to give you peace of mind

There are many circumstances in which Lyonswood’s investigators will perform background checks: some people who come to us are involved in litigation, some are in intimate online relationships, others are considering a business partnership, some have concerns over the background of a family member’s new partner, while others just want to clarify whether someone is being entirely honest in the claims they make about him or herself. In some cases, landlords want to know about potential tenants or employers want to know about potential employees.

At Lyonswood we have proved or disproved alleged illnesses or disabilities, claims of wealth, alleged places of residence and more. In the three decades during which Lyonswood Investigations has performed background checks, we have assisted people in nearly every situation imaginable.

We guarantee your confidentiality in any background check – the person being investigated will never know he or she is under investigation. Our experience means we know how to gather the maximum amount of information about a person while keeping the inquiries entirely secret. Contact Lyonswood today to find out more about the process of obtaining a background check.

Background Check and Asset Check

At Lyonswood Investigations & Forensics we provide services for clients seeking a background and asset check in a variety of circumstances. Please follow any of the below links to find out more information about each of these services.

 Background Check

 Whether you wish to learn more about a person for business or personal reasons, a background check is a sensible place to start. We have assisted individuals and companies to uncover the truth for 35 years and it is likely we can help you too. Whatever the information you seek and for whatever reason you need an investigation, contact an investigator today to discuss your case and get an obligation-free estimate. Read more here.

 Asset Check

 An asset check is a particular type of background check where searches are concentrated on the assets of the person under investigation. If you require an asset check in order to strengthen your case or simply just for peace of mind, please contact Lyonswood today and discuss your particular needs. Read more here.

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