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Cybercrime in the Evolving Digital Landscape

The digital age has brought about rapid developments in information technologies. Paramount among these technologies is the internet, which has made communication more efficient than ever […]
Cheating partner investigations

10 Surprising Facts About Cheating Partners

10 Surprising Facts About Cheating Partners   Across Australia and around the developed world, the rate of infidelity increased over the last 50+ years as women […]
Locate Missing persons

Your Location is the Best Alibi: Bill Spedding and the William Tyrrell Case

Bill Spedding & the William Tyrrell Case   For one reason or another, it can become necessary to prove whether a person was or wasn’t at […]

Planning Surveillance: A Brief Guide

Only by reference to what is known can one make sense of the unknown. – Lachlan Jarvis, director of Lyonswood Investigations When a client approaches a […]

Could you have unclaimed money out there?

It’s not uncommon for investments, shares, bank accounts and insurance policies to become lost when a person forgets to update his or her information after moving […]

How the Modern Private Investigator Came to Be

How the Modern Private Investigator Came to Be What comes to mind when ‘private investigator’ is mentioned? Is it the image of a guy in a […]

Proving a Person Was or Was Not at a Particular Location

In criminal trials or civil disputes it is sometimes necessary to prove the precise location of a person retrospectively. The purpose of such evidence-gathering could be […]

White Supremacy in Christchurch: Leave it to the Government to Solve?

White Supremacy in Christchurch   Preventing crime and terrorism is an imprecise science. Perhaps it could be better described as an art because there isn’t a […]