How to Investigate the Jeff Bezos Nude Selfie Scandal and Who is Responsible?

In his recent Medium article, Jeff Bezos indicated that he has appointed personal security expert Gavin de Becker to ascertain how the National Enquirer tabloid obtained “intimate texts” […]

Left-handed Writing in Forensic Handwriting Analysis

Left-handed Writing in Forensic Handwriting Analysis Left handed people make up about 10% of the population. For hundreds of years scientists have been interested in what […]
Lyonswood Private Investigators Surveillance

Interview with Richard, a Surveillance Operative

Interview With a Professional Surveillance Private Investigator     1. You are a Private Investigator, what does that entail? There are many different fields a Private […]

Privacy: The False Grail. Investigators Conduct Surveillance not Espionage

Private investigator-turned-journalist Jessicah Mendes recently penned an article for the ABC entitled “I was a private investigator, spying for insurance companies. Here’s what I found.” As […]

How to Investigate a Pipe Bomb Threat

What can be done to identify the person or persons responsible for sending pipe bombs to prominent US figures including Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and George […]

The Painters and Dockers, Victoria

written by Derek Philipson The Federated Ship Painters and Dockers Union existed in Victoria from about 1900 until its demise in 1993. From the 1950s until to […]

Locating Missing Persons – An Investigator’s Perspective

Clients of private investigation firms seek to locate persons for a broad range of purposes. Some common reasons include: recovering a debt, getting in touch with […]
Harassment Claims

The Difficulty in Coming Forward with Harassment Claims

    Weinstein, Spacey, Seagal – The Difficulty in Coming Forward with Harassment Claims: A Private Investigator’s View. Hollywood has been shaken up by a wave […]