Three Ways Identity Thieves Can Get Your Personal Details

Identity theft is becoming increasingly common and there are a multitude of ways in which identity theft can take place. Here are some easy steps you […]
Domestic violence during covid 19

Domestic Abuse in the Covid-19 Lockdown

Domestic Abuse   As a result of the movement restrictions in place to combat the spread of coronavirus, instances of violence and domestic abuse are worryingly on the rise. […]
7 Tips on How to Catch a Cheating Partner

7 Tips on How to Catch a Cheating Partner, From a Private Investigator

7 Tips on How to Catch a Cheating Partner   Why would someone want to catch a cheating partner? Well, usually it’s for peace of mind because of […]
Locating friends and family

Locating Friends and Family in Difficult Times

We’re all living through a strange time at the moment, where concern over public health is causing some unease around the country. With supplies flying off the shelves, the world […]

Employee Caught Spying on Female Colleagues in the Bathroom

When a female BP employee in Britain noticed a bathroom air-freshener flashing unusually, what she found inside changed her life and concept of privacy forever. Flashback […]
Has your partner bugged your phone?

Has Your Partner Bugged Your Phone?

How To Tell If Your Phone Is Bugged   Everyone has a mobile phone these days and most people are glued to their devices day in, […]
Women in suspenders

Criminal Patterns of Behaviour

Criminal Patterns of Behaviour   One of the first lessons you learn as an investigator is that when people do the wrong thing, their actions are […]
Elder Abuse Investigations

5 Shocking Facts About Elder Abuse

5 Shocking Facts About Elder Abuse It’s a sad fact that family members, “carers” and others take advantage of elderly people in our society today, targeting […]