Lachlan Jarvis

Could you have unclaimed money out there?

It’s not uncommon for investments, shares, bank accounts and insurance policies to become lost when a person forgets to update his or her information after moving […]

Proving a Person Was or Was Not at a Particular Location

In criminal trials or civil disputes it is sometimes necessary to prove the precise location of a person retrospectively. The purpose of such evidence-gathering could be […]

Left-handed Writing in Forensic Handwriting Analysis

Left-handed Writing in Forensic Handwriting Analysis Left handed people make up about 10% of the population. For hundreds of years scientists have been interested in what […]

How to Investigate a Pipe Bomb Threat

What can be done to identify the person or persons responsible for sending pipe bombs to prominent US figures including Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and George […]

The Painters and Dockers, Victoria

written by Derek Philipson The Federated Ship Painters and Dockers Union existed in Victoria from about 1900 until its demise in 1993. From the 1950s until to […]
Harassment Claims

The Difficulty in Coming Forward with Harassment Claims

    Weinstein, Spacey, Seagal – The Difficulty in Coming Forward with Harassment Claims: A Private Investigator’s View. Hollywood has been shaken up by a wave […]
GPS Tracking

Spy Gear

Spy Gear What are Spy Products / Spy Gear? In some cases, Spy Gear can be crucial in getting the evidence you need in your investigation. With […]
Choosing a camera for Private Investigations

Choosing a Camera for Private Investigations

Choosing A Camera for Private Investigations Unsurprisingly, the main tool of the trade for a surveillance investigator is his or her video camera. Whereas once surveillance […]