Stalking & Harassment

Stalking is an extreme form of obsessive behaviour, behaviour that has in fact risen to such an epidemic so as to bring about legislation to punish those who go about this dangerous and terrifying pursuit. Stalking is usually undertaken for ulterior motives, generally Malicious damage, intimidation, harassment, and threats and in the most extreme cases, grievous bodily harm and murder.

Privacy legislation today has made it harder for people to locate others who don’t wish to be found however just like investigators who locate persons for lawful reasons, stalkers too can unlawfully employ these skills utilising surveillance, pretext and subterfuge to locate their prey.

It might be that you have fled from a violent relationship, a failed marriage, a business partner or perhaps someone who has for some reason developed an obsession about you and your life and wants to manifest themselves against your wishes. It could be that you continually receive threatening or anonymous phone calls from unidentified sources.

Stalking is a very serious and illegal act and should never be taken lightly. Naturally, if you believe you are being stalked and you have evidence of that stalking or the identity of the perpetrator then you should always advise the police. However, like many other matters that the police receive complaints about, they do not always have the resources to be able to gather that all important evidence and positive identification. This is where Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group can assist you with skilled investigators who will plan an investigation to coincide with the best possible opportunity so that we minimise costs and maximise your chances of a successful outcome.

Lyonswood also holds an Advanced Diploma Security (Risk Assessment) from the Canberra Institute of Technology and this allows us to competently and swiftly assess your risks and make recommendations about your security and how you might reduce the risks of a stalker attacking you, your family, pets or your property.

Often stalkers are, for reasons best known to them, hell bent on making your life a misery and go about their mind set by attacking you possessions such as vehicles, residences, business premises and even family members. They make your life such that you become consumed with their whereabouts and when they might again attack and they feed their obsession with your misfortune and quite often don’t stop until they are caught or until they commit an action so serious that their capture is inevitable. When you are being stalked it is very difficult for you to think and act rationally. This is where you need Lyonswood to competently manage your situation, identify the stalker and minimise the risks.

Lyonswood has experienced all of these above mentioned actions of obsessed stalkers and gathered video evidence of them stalking their victims and carrying out threats and Malicious damage upon property and even grievous bodily harm to their victims. Lyonswood can assist you with investigating and identifying the perpetrator liaising with the police and providing you with a safer environment. Contact Lyonswood now for a cost and obligation free consultation, the sooner the safer you will be.