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When it comes to commercial and legal investigations, you need discretion, professionalism and a team with a proven track record. For 35 years Lyonswood Investigations & Forensics has worked with small to medium businesses, multinationals, law firms, government agencies, local government councils and others to help resolve commercial and workplace problems. Whether your organisation requires evidence, intelligence gathering or advice, ensure you choose the experienced providers.

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Legal & Business Investigations

  • Investigate competitors, employees, litigants, franchisees, claimants and others.

  • Gather evidence of wrongdoing or conduct due diligence enquiries.

  • Surveillance, computer forensics, database searches, handwriting forensics and more.

  • Experience at the Supreme Court level.

  • National and international capability.

Business Investigations & Legal Support

In an investigation you may only get one opportunity to achieve your objective and gather the evidence or intelligence you seek. When it comes to commercial and legal investigations, much may depend on the outcome so it’s important to use an experienced investigation team with broad-based expertise who can navigate unexpected complications that may arise.

Lyonswood Investigations & Forensics is the firm preferred by lawyers and businesses. Over our 35 year history we have helped resolve almost any type of commercial and family law problem conceivable and helped in criminal defence cases as well. Our evidence has been used in most jurisdictions in Australia including at the Supreme Court level. We understand what disputes can arise and how they can be resolved.

Your problem may be external, involving improper conduct by a competitor or the other side in litigation. You may have an internal issue, such as a wayward employee or an instance of workplace theft. Perhaps you are subject to defamation, threats, hacking or cyberbullying or you need to prove a forgery. Regardless of the form of proof required, there is often a way to achieve your objectives.

Save Time, Money and Heartache

Prudent business operators will promptly seek advice from a lawyer when a commercial or workplace difficulty arises. If there is any question as to whether the evidence needed to resolve the issue is at hand, it is sensible to also consult an investigator.

While we have worked for thousands of lawyers across Australia and around the globe, we are often surprised at the lack of knowledge generally in the legal fraternity about the full capabilities of investigators. Ensure you choose a solicitor who gives you every opportunity to gather the evidence you need to solve your matter in a timely and cost-effective manner, including consulting an investigator or forensic expert.

Services Employed

Some examples of the services most commonly provided in legal and business disputes include forensic acquisition of hidden or deleted computer or mobile phone data, location and interviewing of witnesses, surveillance of any party for any purpose, hand writing and DNA analysis, accident re-enactment, evidence of passing off, marketing of counterfeit goods, misuse of copyright, cessation of use, controlled purchases, location of hidden assets, proof of income for child support and breaches of court orders in relation to child custody, proof of breach of apprehended violence orders, proof of stalking, disputed wills, family provision claims, forensic analysis of video footage, IP tracing and more. Our services are used in disputes in many areas of the law. In truth, we will examine any problem encountered by our clients and seek to offer assistance, regardless of the circumstances.

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