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& Detection of Listening Devices

Sweep your house, office, vehicle or land lines for bugs. Ensure your confidentiality is protected and your communications are secure by using our experienced investigators.

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Bug Sweeps / Bug Detector

  • We provide a complete security assessment

  • We provide you knowledge to protect your rights & confidentiality

  • Bug sweeps / Bug Detector of your business, home, car or other premises available day or night

Bug Detector


Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group have over 35 years of continuous experience in the field of listening device also known ad Bug Sweeps or Bug detector and are consistently employing the latest technological advances in equipment, as well as ensuring our technical operatives are highly skilled and regularly informed in updates in the field.

Lyonswood are qualified and licensed investigators

Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group does not install listening devices: it is an offense in most states to use listening devices and, in many states, this act holds serious financial penalties, as well as jail terms. Lyonswood holds the appropriate government licenses, as well as the competency levels, to undertake work of this nature. The most important aspect of this service is, however, technical experience and qualifications. Unlike many of the so-called counter surveillance technicians that hold themselves out to be experts and who are not technically qualified in this field, Lyonswood’s team come from former police counter-surveillance and surveillance electronics backgrounds.

At Lyonswood, we understand the importance of secure conversations and, in turn, how easy it is for a partner, employee or competitor to gain a strategic advantage from being able to intercept and track your conversations, computer transmissions, vehicle movements and conversations that may relate to a tendering, contractual, intellectual property, strategic intelligence or matrimonial matter.

We understand the laws related to conversation intercepts and recordings, and the importance of discretion, confidentiality and provide you with an undertaking to protect your rights and your confidentiality.

We understand that your suspicions are generally founded upon your knowledge that information that was discussed in confidence with trusted parties has come into the possession of the other side: possibly a business competitor, rival or marital partner.

Security Assessment

We don’t just go about the business of locating listening devices or bugs – we also provide you with a security risk assessment, then provide strategies you can employ to avoid being listened to. Our service then goes further, locating and providing irrefutable evidence of the identity of the person/s who planted the device. If you’re an operator of a business and considering relocating to a new site or constructing a new premise, Lyonswood can provide you with a consultant to assist in minimising the risk of being eavesdropped at the new location.

Today, anyone can eavesdrop

In recent times, electronic eavesdropping threats have increased due to the spread of technology that has enabled any ordinary person to procure and install devices which can be purchased very readily via the internet or at your local electronics store. Smartphones are the most commonly available and used listening devices – they can record and store sound or video for up to 30 minutes or longer and are very easily concealed upon a person carrying it into a boardroom or other location. Most modern phones have a large storage capacity for conversation and can either be switched to record mode or dialed to another number, left on, and (as long as power is connected) the phone can transmit conversation and vision. A quick Google search using the words ‘listening devices’ or ‘bugs’ will lead you to a host of suppliers and manuals, from which the unscrupulous can readily source their equipment.

More sophisticated listening devices can be as small as a pea, as thin as a coin and hidden within the strap on a shoulder bag, in a lounge suit, within the structure of furniture such as a board room table or perhaps concealed within that bunch of flowers you just received. Over the years, Lyonswood has detected listening devices in all these places and even more clever and ingenious locations; we have a museum display cabinet at our offices where we proudly display some of the devices we have located and the evolution of the sophistication of the equipment used to detect the frequencies that they transmit under.

What to do if you believe you have been bugged

If you believe that your telephones or premises are being listened to or bugged by unauthorised persons, we ask you to be cautious about how you go about the detection. In the first instance, if you believe that information has been intercepted via listening devices or bugs, you should definitely not discuss that suspicion within the confines of the area you believe is being unlawfully intercepted. The safest place to discuss your problem is away from those premises and not over landline telephones. It is possible that if your business premises are being bugged then it is likely your home premises and car could also be bugged or tracked.

To contact Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group, the most secure way is via a mobile phone or email that is not connected to the premises you suspect is bugged. Computer spyware is also easily procured and installed and this is one of the fastest growing areas of eavesdropping. If calling on a mobile phone make sure you are away from your premises and not within a motor vehicle, as this may also be fitted with a listening device.

We at Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group understand that the detection of listening devices or bugs cannot always be carried out during normal trading hours for discretionary reasons, and we can call upon your premises 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

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