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Secure your property with real estate and tenancy checks

If you’re a real estate vendor, consider yourself lucky – you more or less have everyone on your side, helping you to embellish your property for sale, get the best price for the land, the best agents, photographers, et cetera. If you’re a purchaser, however, luck is not entirely on your side – in fact, over the years Lyonswood has learned that one of the most disruptive and sometimes devastating things a real-estate purchaser can have happen to them is to end up with the ‘Neighbour From Hell’. What we can offer you is a very thorough ‘Real-Estate Acquisition Due Diligence’. We can ascertain whether:

  • The vendor has conspired with the neighbour to send their barking dogs to a home for a month only to be reinstalled after the purchase
  • The neighbour is of a different/conflicting cultural, religious and political background
  • There are current development applications/approvals that may impact upon parking, traffic flow, noise, sun light and views
  • There is a high risk rating for theft and/or violence in the area
  • There is a security risk on the property
  • The vendor is moving because there is the ‘neighbour from hell’

We all spend considerable sums to ascertain the structure of the building is structurally sound, council compliant and not termite infested, all of which can be rectified, however if you have the ‘neighbour from hell’, this may never be rectified and can be very costly in the short and long term. When you look at the price of real estate in Sydney and see that the median home price of somewhere around $480,000, to spend a bit extra to ensure your new acquisition is going to be just what you want, makes good sense.

At Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group we have dozens of case histories where neighbourhood disputes have caused considerable grief and brought about costly rectification by way of litigation, relocation costs and losses when exposed to a quick sale, not to mention the impact upon our clients’ health and well being. We can provide you with a service that will give you piece of mind and may alert you to inherent risks related to your intended purchase, risks the vendor or their representatives will never alert you to.

Real Estate Tenancy Disputes

Renting a premises can present a minefield of problems for a landlord: it just takes one bad tenant to destroy your profitability. Damage caused by a malicious or uncaring tenant can destroy your property and profitability and, in some cases, force you to sell at a loss. There are many laws that protect the tenant but what about the landlord? It seems that the laws are loaded in favour of the tenant. Thus you must vet the tenant applicant as best you can in order to minimise the risks of becoming a victim of non payment or damage to your premises and even court and legal costs. Many real estate agents don’t do this thoroughly enough because investigation is not their core business, however it is the core business of Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group.

Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group has, for many years, checked out the tenancy applications of persons and in many instances discovered glaring inconsistencies in those application that has saved our clients from certain demise. Tenants who have a bad track history will take all steps possible to deceive and disguise their poor history. This may include false names, names calculated to deceive, changes in dates of birth, switching the identity of the lessee to their partners name, etc.

Today with the explosion in information technology and the ability of estate agents to capture and maintain tenancy databases, Lyonswood has lawful access to national data that for a small fee can make the difference between profit and loss for a landlord. Coupled with this our 33 years of experience in these types of matters allows us to quickly detect inconsistencies and anomalies.

If you are about to lease a property and have not undertaken the due diligence or have doubts about the ability of the estate agent to do so then Lyonswood can assist you to minimise the risks and maximise profits. E-mail or phone us now and we will explain the process and take over your worries and allow you to concentrate on your other pursuits.

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