Other Services

With over three decades’ of experience in the field of forensics, evidence gathering and investigations we’re able to assist on a broad range of legal and investigative cases. Whatever your reason for seeking our help, it’s our job to help businesses, councils and individuals get the results they need. Many of these are unique situations requiring private detectives to work hand-in-hand with your legal team in order to compile the proof for your case. From stalking, harassment and franchise fraud to identity theft and corrupt conduct investigations, our expertly trained private investigative team can provide you with a timely, reputable, legal and qualified service.

If you’re unsure about whether or not your case necessitates a private investigator’s eye, please contact us by email, phone or using the contact form online to speak to one of our detectives. With police experience and training, access to the latest technology and an in depth understanding of how evidence gathering can be applicable to your legal situation, we’re often able to help in ways our enquirers could never even have dreamed about!