Spyware & Hacking Detection

Work stations/notebooks/blackberries/ mobile phones/ i-pods / memory sticks/CF cards

Lost data, data suspected of being copied and transported elsewhere (Stolen data), data that might breach laws, codes of ethics or workplace and privacy guidelines is often sought as a vital piece of evidence required to identify the sender, the hacker, the person receiving and using the data or the thief. Today, the act of industrial espionage is mostly carried out via the internet  and through intercepting telephone, conversations and text messages and e-mails and and it’s big business. Some unscrupulous investigators even illegally offer this service.

Disloyal employees are regularly selling information to your opposition or feathering their own nest by transporting your intellectual property before they jump ship to your competitor.

Marriage and relationship partners are using telephone intercept devices to gather details of your personal conversations and messages by using intercept technology that to the untrained and unskilled is undetectable.

Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group has a good track record of recovering the evidence even though the persons responsible have attempted to cover their tracks. This is where Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Groups Forensic I.T. specialists have the edge on these fraudsters through skilled professionals with the latest techniques backed up by state of the art software programs. We have many satisfied clients that we have assisted to get their businesses and lives back on track.

Sometimes the issues are simple and others far more complex. No matter the scale of your problem we have the skills and resources to trace the spyware hacking devices and often we can identify the person/s responsible.