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Suspect an untruthful workers compensation claim? Our private investigators get you proof

Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group have over 25 years of expertise in regards to insurance fraud related to personal injury. We understand that from time to time, employers have employees who allege that they are injured at your workplace and lodge claims that have the potential to increase your costs related to the insurance premium, then taking time off work and return, pending a full recovery.

At times, employers will come by information that suggests the claim made is less than truthful, which, sadly, is becoming so commonplace that the workers’ compensation insurers no longer seem to care about their clients and, perhaps in response to the way the current legislation has been drafted, are not inclined to investigate or place claims in dispute. As a result, claims are generally accepted and, in the worst case scenario the employer’s insurance premium rises to a point where it may no longer be viable to remain in business.

Since the introduction of the current workers’ compensation legislation, Lyonswood has experienced an increased incidence in such matters where employers have become frustrated with the insurer’s inaction and seek a thorough, objective investigation with a view to reduce or maintain insurance premium and get to the truth at the heart of the matter.We have also found that many insurers, once presented with the evidence from an outside investigation company, will become involved in the matter and reimburse the employer for our fee – however, this cannot be guaranteed on a case-by-case basis.

Lyonswood have a long, proud history of gathering evidence that insurers either do not believe exists or are just not interested or motivated to investigate – and we can back it up by providing real testimonials from other employers who have been satisfied with the quality of our investigations and the results. Contact us today for an obligation and cost free consultation.

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