Computer and Mobile Forensics

How can our private investigators help you through computer and mobile forensics?

Whether you need computer, mobile phone or online evidence for a court matter or simply for your peace of mind, Lyonswood’s computer forensic technicians are accredited experts and can help you today. We assist individuals, companies, law firms and government departments when digital evidence of any kind is required for just about any purpose. The internet and modern communication networks are still in a state of rapid development so police and lawyers rarely have the expertise or knowledge needed to solve digital problems in an efficient and time-effective manner. A computer forensic expert is the only person who is truly qualified to examine a hard drive, mobile phone or website and prepare a report on the relevant data in a court-admissible format. Even if your matter is not necessarily headed for court, you may choose to have the evidence gathered by a person best-suited to uncover the truth.

Many digital investigations require expertise beyond just that of the computer forensic expert so it is important you engage a broad-based investigation firm such as Lyonswood who can assist with all aspects of your inquiry. You may need proof for a criminal matter, a civil matter or you may want to see if your suspicions about a partner’s infidelity are correct. A computer, phone or online investigation could be needed to gather evidence of employee misconduct, anonymous defamation or threats or harassment from an unknown email account. You may have experienced fraud at the hands of a online classified vendor or auction-site seller or perhaps you have been duped by a dating site scammer. Your computer may have been infected with spyware or malware or your business network may have been penetrated by hackers. Digital technology provides considerable advantages but most individuals and business operators do not understand the numerous risks posed until they are exposed firsthand.

Lyonswood’s investigators have experience assisting clients with the problems listed above and can help guide you towards the outcomes you seek. While other forensic firms may have experts in the area of computers, in certain cases you will need to supplement the digital evidence gathered with database searches, surveillance of a suspect or with legal action. Lyonswood has expertise in all areas of investigations and has a strong relationship with a law firm cognisant of the relevant cyber law. Evidence gathered by Lyonswood in a forensic matter was recently used for a successful Supreme Court action where our client was awarded damages and costs on an indemnity basis. In this matter, surveillance and typical investigative techniques helped save tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. You may not need to go to the Supreme Court to get the outcome required but you should be comforted in the knowledge that our expert’s evidence is of such a standard that it will bear scrutiny if challenged.

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