Lachlan Jarvis

Lachlan Jarvis

Locate Missing persons

Your Location is the Best Alibi: Bill Spedding and the William Tyrrell Case

Bill Spedding & the William Tyrrell Case   For one reason or another, it can become necessary to prove whether a person was or wasn’t at […]

Planning Surveillance: A Brief Guide

Only by reference to what is known can one make sense of the unknown. – Lachlan Jarvis, director of Lyonswood Investigations When a client approaches a […]

How the Modern Private Investigator Came to Be

How the Modern Private Investigator Came to Be What comes to mind when ‘private investigator’ is mentioned? Is it the image of a guy in a […]

White Supremacy in Christchurch: Leave it to the Government to Solve?

White Supremacy in Christchurch   Preventing crime and terrorism is an imprecise science. Perhaps it could be better described as an art because there isn’t a […]

How to Investigate the Jeff Bezos Nude Selfie Scandal and Who is Responsible?

  Jeff Bezos Nude Selfie Scandal     In his recent Medium article, Jeff Bezos indicated that he has appointed personal security expert Gavin de Becker to ascertain […]
Lyonswood Private Investigators Surveillance

Interview with Richard, a Surveillance Operative

Interview With a Professional Surveillance Private Investigator     1. You are a Private Investigator, what does that entail? There are many different fields a Private […]

Privacy: The False Grail. Investigators Conduct Surveillance not Espionage

Private Investigators Conduct Surveillance not Espionage   Private investigator-turned-journalist Jessicah Mendes recently penned an article for the ABC entitled “I was a private investigator, spying for […]

Locating Missing Persons – An Investigator’s Perspective

Clients of private investigation firms seek to locate persons for a broad range of purposes. Some common reasons include: recovering a debt, getting in touch with […]