Legal Support

Lyonswood represents hundreds of law firms in Australia and around the world. This representation takes into account matters as diverse as: forensic acquisition of hidden or deleted computer or mobile phone data, pre-trial evidence, location and interviewing of witnesses, surveillance of parties to proceedings to prove collusion, hand writing and DNA analysis, accident re-enactment, evidence of passing off, marketing of counterfeit goods, misuse of copyright, cessation of use, controlled purchases, location of hidden assets, proof of income for child support and breaches of court orders in relation to child custody, apprehended violence orders,  stalking, and disputed wills. In addition to this, we also gather and prepare evidence in criminal defense matters where, quite often, a defendant requires equality or better in the presentation of their defense.

Many people in their initial panic rush out to seek legal advice before gathering intelligence, which can be a costly exercise, as most law firms will tell you that they need strong evidence before that can adequately and successfully represent you.

The ancient Chinese warlord Sun Tzu once said that, “If you do not know the plans of your competitors, you cannot make informed alliances.” He also said, “Those who face the unprepared with preparation, are victorious.” These two statements still ring true today. Thorough, competent investigation provides you with the best chance of legal victory.

Plaintiff Matters: 
Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group currently conducts plaintiff investigations on behalf of a number of law firms and directly for plaintiffs. We have over 34 years experience in conducting these investigations and target those areas where evidence may have been overlooked or not yet identified. We obtain the evidence in an admissible and lawful manner and ensure that the evidence is relevant and obtained in a timely fashion.

Defendant Matters:
If you are a defendant in either civil or criminal proceedings, you will need the assistance of Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group, as quite often in these matters there is an imbalance particularly where law enforcement agencies have at their fingertips access to information that you cannot access. Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group can lawfully assist you to get the balance to swing in your favour.

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