Mobile Phone Investigation

Today mobile phones have become very sophisticated technology and in most cases they are in fact small computers with larger capacity than a desk top computer had 5 years ago. Mobile phones are slowly but surely replacing many traditional computers. Unlike a laptop or desktop computer, most of us cannot bear to be separated from our mobile phones and this can be a huge advantage to the Forensic Mobile phone expert investigator and those who wish to gather proof of texts, e-mails, location and website access.

We now live in a world of expedient and efficient data transmission. Almost everyone in the developed world has embraced this technology and we have all become very reliant upon it. This reliance has meant that where once a landline call may have been made between partners involved in an affair and whereas any details of that call were unable to be recovered, now it’s all done in private via a mobile phone or over the internet via e-mail. The downside to this form of communication is that in most cases, numbers called and received, photos and text messages sent and received, emails sent and received leave behind a digital record somewhat like a fingerprint, irrespective of that data being deleted.

Some of this data is stored upon the mobile phone SIM card and some upon the mobile phones own inbuilt memory. Once a phone number, text message or photo is retrieved from deleted data, it then becomes possible to identify the person being communicated with, the date, time and duration of that call. In some cases it’s even possible to identify the location of that mobile phone at the time of the call.

There are state laws that vary from state to state and Commonwealth laws that under some circumstances make the retrieval of deleted data from mobile phones illegal. However in most cases there are no laws preventing this data recovery. We can provide you advice in this regard.

The recovery of this deleted data does not just relate to infidelity matters, it also relates to matters where persons are accused of being in a certain place at a certain time, accused of transmitting confidential information or intellectual property and sending harassing calls/ indecent images/ messages/calls. The recovery of data in these circumstances can mean the difference between winning or losing for the accused persons.

We can also recover accidentally lost/deleted data from camera flash cards, USB memory sticks, telephones and computers.

If the recovery of the deleted or sent data relates to a criminal or employment matter then it will be necessary to acquire the contents of that phone forensically, (in a manner that the court will acknowledge and accept into evidence) however in infidelity cases this is generally not necessary and thus the time and costs and qualifications involved are greatly reduced.

  • Recovery/proof of deleted data
  • Recovery/proof of deleted photos/video
  • Discovery/proof of location history
  • Discovery/proof of call register
  • Discovery/proof of e-mails
  • Discovery/proof of internet search history

Why chose Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group for your important mobile phone examination?

Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group is a Government licensed private investigation company with over 34 years of invaluable investigative expertise. Many who have forensic qualifications in this field are not actually Government Licensed Investigators. Lyonswood holds a Master license under the Commercial And Private Investigation Act (CAPI). If you do not use a licensed investigation company then it is probable that any evidence gathered by them may not stand the test of cross examination and may not be lawfully obtained. An Investigation company with vast experience in all fields of investigation is a distinct advantage above a company who has just the one discipline.

Lyonswood is a leader in the field of mobile phone data acquisition. We have the very latest technology and regularly send our qualified expert technicians overseas to learn about and acquire the latest technology to assist in the discovery and extraction of data. Currently we have the Worlds most sophisticated and respected technology, technology that many of the Australian Police Forces don’t even have access to.

We can not only extract call data but also web access, location data, video and photo files and provide a comprehensive printed time dated historic record. The ability to be able to pin point with GPS co-ordinates the location of an individual/mobile phone at a given time and to be able to correlate to those times calls, texts, photos, videos and web access as well as a Google map is an immense advantage in solving crimes and confirming or disproving alibis.

Insurance claims are often very hard to prove/ disprove, however with the ability to be able to extract a mobile phone history this investigation process need not be as haphazard as it has in the past. For instance in the case of a stolen motor vehicle claim the insured may allege that they were in a certain location at or about the time of the theft. By extracting and correlating mobile phone data, we are in many cases able to place that phone at exact locations during the time of the event. We are also able to correlate phone calls and internet access at that time.

We have worked upon insurance, murder, suicide, employment and intellectual property cases where the data we have extracted has proved to be vital to the outcome of those investigations.

If you need to be certain about the facts of an event then it’s highly likely that the contents of a mobile phone can assist in that process. Contact Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group to discuss your matter in strict confidence.