Deleted Data Evidence

We now live in a world of expedient and efficient data transmission. Almost everyone in the developed world has embraced this technology and we have all become very reliant upon it. This reliance has meant that where once a landline call may have been made now it’s all done via a mobile phone or over the internet via e-mail. The downside to this form of communication to anyone doing something devious or illegal is that in most cases, numbers called and received, photos and text messages sent and received and emails sent and received leave behind a digital record somewhat like a fingerprint, irrespective of that data being deleted.

Some of this data is stored upon the mobile phone SIM card and some upon the mobile phones own inbuilt memory. Once a phone number, text message or photo is retrieved from deleted data, it then becomes possible to identify the person being communicated with and the date, time and duration of that call. In some cases it’s even possible to identify the location of that mobile phone at the time of the call.

There are state laws that vary from state to state and Commonwealth laws that under some circumstances make the retrieval of deleted data from mobile phones/ devices/computers illegal. However in many cases there are no laws preventing this data recovery. We can provide you advice in this regard.

The recovery of this deleted data does not just relate to infidelity matters, it also relates to matters where persons are accused of being in a certain place at a certain time, accused of transmitting confidential , defamatory or threatening information, intellectual property and indecent images. The recovery of data in these circumstances can mean the difference between winning or losing for the accused persons or accuser.

We can also recover accidentally lost/deleted data from camera flash cards, USB memory sticks, telephones and computers.

If the recovery of the deleted or sent data relates to a criminal or employment matter then it will be necessary to acquire the contents of that phone forensically, (in a manner that the court will acknowledge and accept into evidence) however in infidelity cases forensic qualifications are generally not necessary and thus the time and costs and qualifications involved are greatly reduced.


The field of Mobile device forensics and the recovery of data is constantly developing with new technologies and refining of older more seasoned technologies, aiding in the recovery of information from all kinds of mobile devices. This includes deleted data. With each new release of a model and often even with minor changes to the same model, manufacturers are installing different operating systems and software onto the device. It is a race for the forensics field to keep up, and with each new release of a phone operating system revision there are many teams of software developers working to reverse engineer the software and develop forensic examination tools which acquire, interpret and report on the data contained within the device. Remember a phone is no longer a phone, it’s now a full blown computer.

An examiners tool kit contains various devices hardware and software. Some of the devices can cost up to $10,000.00 each.   The use of the tools/ devices requires training, experience and skill in order to effectively recover various kinds of information. The examination process is often not simply a matter of pushing a button to reveal the evidence a client is looking for. It can take the use of various tools, considerable time and a seasoned examiner in order to extract the various kinds of information required.

For instance in the case of an iPhone the process of a full acquisition and analysis involves: jail-breaking the operating system, establishing a wireless network connection, transferring information and analysing the raw image and iTunes backup files. Then there is often additional steps in order to interpret Plist and database files to report on information such as call records, SMS text messages, emails and GPS location coordinates. This can take different hardware devices and upwards from 5 different software tools.

Why should i enlist the services of lyonswood investigations and forensic group?

An effective analysis often is not simply up to the tools utilised. To recover some information it often requires a combination of tools, knowledge, skills and talent of the examiner. So before choosing a mobile device forensic examiner, be certain to examine his or her credentials, certifications, too box and years of experience in this field.

Lyonswood is the only forensic data investigation company that has up to date technology, tools and the best qualified technicians. Lyonswood is also the only fully licensed private investigation company in Australia that carries out this work. Lyonswoods 34 years in the investigation industry carries a great deal oif weight when presenting forensic evidence in this field.

If you have a need to recover lost, deleted, sent or received data, Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group have a proven track record in success and compliance with the laws and forensic protocols. Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Groups Forensic Technicians are accredited and accepted expert witnesses.