Cheating Partners / Family Law

We guarantee to protect your identity and the confidentiality of your important cheating partner investigation

Lyonswood investigations and forensic group realises that proof and winning have such a vital impact upon you and the future of your family and we strive to achieve this outcome.

We have over 33 years of continuous experience in this field and our results are well documented in our commendations. Over 98% of our infidelity clients get the evidence they need.  Lyonswood is the preferred investigation company by Lawyers around Australia.

We provide cost effective strategy plans that allow you to become one of the 98% of satisfied Lyonswood clients at a fair price.

Be careful of investigators who offer tracking devices and bugging devices. In almost all circumstances these devices are illegal and in the end will not get you what you require, proof that you have a cheating partner and may see you convicted of a criminal offence. They generally only add to the cost of a cheating partner investigation and any evidence gathered by them is generally illegal and not admissible in court and thus you will not be able to use this evidence to prove you have a cheating partner, even to your friends.

A tracking device will only tell you where a vehicle is and not where the cheating partner is nor who the cheating partner is meeting, where the cheating partner does meet or what they do together, nor provide the evidence that you have a cheating partner. Cheating partners rarely drive their vehicles to the place they meet the other party and generally are furtive about this preferring to park some distance away and even change onto public transport or park and catch a cab. The only way to get evidence of a cheating partner is through a cleverly and carefully planned lawful cheating partner investigation and obtain video evidence.